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10939: Activate Automatic Updates (Drake17 and prior)

Installing Updates

How can I set up Drake Tax so it will update automatically?

Enable Auto Updates at Tools > Update Manager. This feature is explained in the Drake User’s Manual in Tools > Update Manager​ and in the video Auto Updates.

Note: If you change a setting at Setup > Options while Auto Updates is running, it's necessary to turn off and close Auto Updates and restart it, or the setting will be lost when updating occurs.

Setting Up Auto Updates

  1. From the Home window, select Tools > Update Manager. The Update Manager dialog box is displayed. Click Auto Update Settings.
  2. The Automatic Update Manager dialog box is displayed.
    Choose one of the following options:
    • Select On to turn on automatic updates. If you select this option, specify the hour, minute, and second each day that you want the program to check for updates.
    • Select Off to turn automatic updates off.
  3. Exit the Automatic Update Manager dialog box by clicking either Hide if you turned automatic updates on, or Exit if you turned automatic updates off.
  4. If you click Hide, a message is displayed, informing you that the Update Manager will be hidden from view, but that automatic updates will continue to operate normally. Click OK to close the message and return to the Automatic Update Manager dialog box.


  • All instances of Drake must be closed at the time of download. The downloading computer or server must be left on and online, with the user logged in to Windows.
  • If you are using automatic updates, you can access the Drake Software Automatic Update Manager from your system tray.
  • Automatic updates are not set by default.

Additional information about Automatic Updates and how it works:

  • Considerations before setting up Automatic Updates. The updating computer must be on. For automatic installation of the updates, all copies of Drake must be closed. You can save system resources and avoid conflicts during the workday by scheduling updating in the early morning when your computers are likely to be idle. Avoid scheduling at the top of the hour, which is a popular time that may cause you to wait for downloads.
  • The Update Manager. Turning on Automatic Updates causes Drake Update Manager to run and the Download Manager icon to appear in the system tray:
  • Update Manager continues to run, regardless whether Drake is running, until you close it or the computer is rebooted. Unlike other memory-resident programs, it does not run at startup. After rebooting, you must open Drake and restart it.
  • If the Automatic Update Manager dialog box is hidden, display it by clicking the icon to display it.  You can also display it by opening Drake, going to Tools > Update Manager and clicking Auto Update Settings.
  • While Update Manager is running, you can
    • Hide or display the screen.
    • Update manually.
    • Close Update Manager. To do this, open the Automatic Update Manager dialog box from the system tray icon or from inside Drake, select Off and click Exit.
    • Change the time automatic updating occurs. To do this, open the Automatic Update Manager dialog box from the system tray icon or from inside Drake, make the desired change and click Hide.

I changed a setting at Setup > Options, but after Auto Updates updated the software, the settings had reverted to their original selection.

  • Turn Auto Updates off and exit the screen. Make the changes you want at Setup > Options, and then turn Auto Updates back on. The changes will not be overridden the next time updates occur.
  • When you start Auto Updates, it copies Options settings and applies them after updating when the software starts again. Turning off Auto Updates after making a change at Setup > Options and restarting it ensures the new settings are copied and applied after updating.

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