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10943: Lost Desktop Icons for Drake Software

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I lost the Drake Tax Software shortcut desktop icons. How can I recreate them?

Windows 10

Click the Windows icon (lower-left corner on the task bar).

If Drake appears in the tiled area to the right of the list, drag it to your desktop and drop it there. A shortcut now appears on your desktop and the tile will reappear in its original location.

Otherwise, select All apps and find Drake Software in the All apps list. Click the arrow to display the sublist.

Drag the Drake installation shortcut (in the example above, a C drive installation) to your desktop and drop it there. A shortcut now appears on your desktop and the shortcut will reappear in its original location in the All apps list.

Alternatively, you can display the Drake shortcut among your tiles by dragging the All apps shortcut to the tiled area and dropping it there.

Windows 8

See "Windows 8 - Missing Desktop Icons after NWClient Installation" in Related Links below.

Windows 7 

Click Start > All Programs and click the Drake Software folder to display your Drake installations. Right click the Drake installation for which you need a desktop shortcut icon and from the drop lists select Send to > Desktop (create shortcut):

If you can't find the Drake installation in All Programs, you can recreate desktop shortcut icons by completing the following steps:

  1. Open the Start Menu in the bottom left corner of the computer, and select Computer or My Computer (press Windows key + E to access My Computer in Windows 8).
  2. Open the drive where Drake Software is installed. (If Drake is running on a network drive, and you are unable to open that drive letter, you may need to check your network connections.)
  3. Open the DRAKEYY folder.
  4. Open the NWCLIENT folder.
  5. Run the NWCLIENT.exe file inside the NWCLIENT folder. Alternatively, you can go to Start > Run and type in
    X:\DRAKEYY\NWCLIENT\NWCLIENT.EXE (substituting your server drive letter for X).
  6. You are prompted to create network shortcuts on the desktop and under Start > Programs for Drake 20YY. Select Yes.
  7. A confirmation that the desktop shortcuts were installed successfully to the desktop is displayed.

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