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10944: Form Price Not Showing Up On The Bill

Pricing Setup

My bill is set up to show form list and totals, and I have set prices. Why is it that the forms for which I have set prices do not appear on the bill?

Setting only the price is not sufficient. You also have to select the option to include the form on the bill. 

Go to Setup > Pricing and find one of the forms that do not appear. An X must be displayed in the Bill column or the form will not appear on the bill. For example, form number 0007, as shown below, will not appear on the bill:

To correct this, select the form and press Enter (or double-click the form). The form details appear in the upper right quadrant of the Pricing Setup screen. This is the same process you used to set the price originally. Note the box Include on Bill is not checked. Click the box to select the option and then click Update.

The change displays on the Pricing Setup screen:

Now save the changes by clicking Save at the bottom of the Pricing Setup screen:

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