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10972: States Generally - e-Filing

State Returns Generally

What state returns can I e-file? How many states can be e-filed?


Returns transmitted before IRS begins taking them are held by Drake until IRS will take them. There are no federal acknowledgements before that time.

  • States for which Drake has e-filing approval can be transmitted.
  • States for which Drake does not yet have e-filing approval cannot be transmitted until Drake receives approval. Once approval is received, updates are released to enable the e-filing of those returns.

Current state e-file approval statuses are available online at Drake Support on the Federal/State Facts Page

To access this:

  • Go to the Drake Support Website and login using your user account credentials.
  • Navigate to Support > Documents > Federal/State Facts.
  • Select a state from the Current Year drop list under States.
  • Select E-file Packages Available.

Linked states

Most states are "linked" states (similar to the old legacy "piggyback" transmission). Linked states should be transmitted with the Federal return, but can be transmitted separately.

  • Linked states do not accept returns until the IRS accepts returns. There are no linked state acknowledgements until then.
  • After Drake starts transmitting Federal and linked state returns, a linked state return is rejected if the Federal return is either rejected or not acknowledged within a reasonable period of time after transmission (see "NO-FED-ACCEPTANCE State Rejection - How to Re-Transmit the Return" in Related Links below).
  • If it is necessary to transmit a linked state separately, you should wait until the Federal return has been accepted. If the Federal return is rejected and you must correct it, the state return may be affected because Federal information flows to the state return. By waiting, you avoid the possibility of having to file an amended state return.

Direct states

Direct states include CA, ME, MD, MA and WI. Direct states do not wait for the IRS to begin taking returns or for Federal acknowledgement before processing an e-filed return. Some types of direct state returns can be e-filed stand-alone once the state approves e-filing. Generally, the best practice is to transmit a direct state return after the Federal return is accepted. If the Federal return is later rejected, modified, or otherwise re-transmitted and approved, any modifications that affect an accepted state return may require you to amend the state return.

Number of States allowed for EF

Beginning with Drake14, you can file 47 states with each 1040 or business return.

Drake will attempt to send all states with the federal when you e-file. To e-file something less than all states on the return, go to the EF screen within the program and select all items you want to e-file.

If the transmission is larger than your internet speed can handle, such as if you are filing a large return with multiple states and PDF attachments, you may need to split up your transmission. If the size of the transmission is too large, the session may time out and result in an unsent batch on EF > Transmit/Receive.

See Related Links below for additional troubleshooting steps. 

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