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10991: 1098-T - Data Entry

1040 Individual Data Entry

Where do I enter a 1098-T?

Enter information from Form 1098-T, Tuition Statement, on screen 8863 for the taxpayer, spouse or dependent.

For help determining which lines and amounts from 1098-T should be entered on Form 8863, see the Instructions for Form 8863, some of which is reprinted below:

"Who can claim a dependent's expenses. If a student is claimed as a dependent on another person's tax return, all qualified education expenses of the student are treated as having been paid by that person. Therefore, only that person can claim an education credit for the student. If a student is not claimed as a dependent on another person's tax return, only the student can claim a credit.

Expenses paid by a third party. Qualified education expenses paid on behalf of the student by someone other than the student (such as a relative) are treated as paid by the student. However, qualified education expenses paid (or treated as paid) by a student who is claimed as a dependent on your tax return are treated as paid by you. Therefore, you are treated as having paid expenses that were paid by the third party. For more information and an example, see Who Can Claim a Dependent's Expenses in Pub. 970, chapter 2 or 3.
Adjusted Qualified Education Expenses
For each student, reduce the qualified education expenses paid in 20YY by or on behalf of that student under the following rules. The result is the amount of adjusted qualified education expenses for each student."


Note: To complete line 22 (and the related information) in Part III of the 8863 in View mode, enter the Educational Institution information and answer the 1098-T questions on the 8863 screen (second Credits tab in data entry)


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