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10999: PA - Eliminating PA Locality Return


How do I get rid of this unwanted PA Local return? I have no PA local information entered.

If there is no PA locality information entered, take these steps:

  • To remove the unnecessary local form, go to Setup > Options, then select the States tab. Once on this tab, select PA, and then the option that states "Suppress PA local return unless the resident city is LC or data entry is present on the PA LOC screen"
  • To make sure PA local information doesn't show up in the result letter, on the main data entry screen in the return, press CTRL + Shift+ R to clean out unused data.

Caution: CTRL + Shift+ R removes unneeded state files. A 709 Gift Tax return also can be removed when using this function. Read the warning screens carefully before responding if the return you are in has a 709.

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