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11034: Fonts Too Small on Printed Return

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I ran the Printer Test Assistant and PCL was indicated, but why am I seeing printed returns with fonts that are too small?

Small printed fonts can be associated with using PCL printer commands for a printer that cannot handle them properly. If you are using PCL commands, you can temporarily toggle to GDI to see if that's the source of the problem.

To toggle to GDI:

  1. From the Home window of the software, from the menu bar, select Setup > Printing > Printer Setup.
  2. On the Printer Setup dialog box, click the (F8) Edit Printer Settings tab.
  3. Use the Select Printer drop list to select the problem printer.
  4. Select Alternate Print Method (GDI) if not already selected.
  5. Click Update and Save.

Note: If you have not resolved a printer issue after exhausting printer and other software settings, install the latest printer driver available for your operating system. Check the printer’s user manual or visit the vendor website for more information. Contact Drake Support at (828) 524-8020 if you need further assistance.

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