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11042: GruntWorx - Supported Tax Forms


What tax forms does GruntWorx support or recognize?

Different forms are recognized and supported for the organize and data extraction portions of GruntWorx. The tables below list the IRS form name and whether it is included in an Organize, Populate, or Trades GruntWorx job. 


Organized forms (available for all return types): 

Form Form-specific bookmark?
1099-B Yes
Consolidated 1099 Brokerage Statements Yes
1041 K-1 Yes
1065 K-1 Yes
1120-S K-1 Yes
1095-A Yes
1098 Mortgage Yes
1099-DIV Yes
1099-G Yes
1099-INT Yes
1099-MISC Yes
1099-OID Yes
1099-R Yes
5498 No
RRB-1099 Yes
SSA-1099 Yes
W-2 Yes
W-2G Yes
1098-E  Yes
1098-T  Yes
1041 Grantor Letters Yes (Grantor Letters are bookmarked as a 1041 K-1 but are not part of a populate job – no XML file is produced)
1042-S Yes
1095-B Yes
1095-C Yes
1098-C Yes
1099-A Yes
1099-C Yes
1099-CAP Yes
1099-H Yes
1099-K Yes
1099-LTC Yes
1099-PATR Yes
1099-S Yes
1099-SA Yes
1099-Q Yes
2439 Yes
5498-ESA Yes
5498-SA Yes
Organizer Yes
RRB-1099R Yes
W-2C Yes
Federal Tax Returns No. Federal tax returns are not bookmarked separately, but appear in Supporting Documents
Back Pages or Blank Pages No. Displayed under “Back/Blank Pages” tab.
Handwritten or poorly scanned documents No. Displayed under "Poor Quality/Handwritten Notes"tab.
Supporting Documents No. Displayed under "Supporting Documents” tab.


Information extracted and forms populated by federal return type. This job type creates an .XML file that is used to populate the info in the return: 

1040 1041 1065 1120S 1120
1041 K-1 1099-OID 1065 K-1 1065 K-1 1065 K-1
1065 K-1 1099-INT 1041 K-1 1041 K-1 W-2G
1120-S K-1 1099-DIV W-2G W-2G 1099-MISC
1095-A 1099-MISC 1099-MISC 1099-MISC
1098 Mortgage 1099-R
1099-DIV 1065 K-1
1099-G 1041 K-1
1099-INT 1120-S K-1
1099-MISC W-2
1099-OID W-2G


When a Trades job is submitted, an Excel file is generated and returned from GruntWorx. A trades job is available for return types 1040, 1041, 1120, 1120-S, and 1065 only. Not supported for import into other return types.

Supported Form Types 
Consolidated 1099 Brokerage Statements

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