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11044: GruntWorx - Missing Information and Data


What happens if there's a problem with a document in a job I have submitted?

Various conditions occur that can cause information in a job to be missing from the returned Organize PDF or a Trades or Populate file. To alert you, Gruntworx attaches a Customer Diagnostic Note (CDN) to any page in the Organize PDF that is missing information (see "GruntWorx - Diagnostics" in Related Links below).

Some reasons for missing data:

  • More than one form on a single scanned page – At this time GruntWorx cannot validate both forms so it will take the first form with valid data.
  • Multiple EINs on one form – Some data may be missing if multiple EINs are present on the same reporting form, such as you might see on a 1099R. Typically, the first payer will be extracted and the succeeding will need to be entered into the software by hand.
  • Poorly scanned papers – If a field or entire form cannot be read by GruntWorx it will be classified as Poor Quality.
  • 8949 code – Some brokerage statements have complicated reporting formats. If an 8949 (covered/non-covered) code is missing or wrong it is because it was too difficult for the system to determine. Codes are generally defaulted to non-covered if it cannot be determined.
  • Multiple brokerage statements submitted with the same account number – GruntWorx will extract and validate only the most current (corrected) copy from a single account number.
  • Social Security Numbers, Account Numbers, EINs missing – if these are missing they are either not on the scanned form, not readable, cut off during scanning, or masked before scanning.

Other situations where data may be missing or inadequate:

  • Trades missing – Only a 1099-B or a consolidated 1099-B year-end brokerage statement can be used for extraction. Monthly statements, supplemental statements, and printed records from online will not work.
  • Trades not adding up – When trades do not add up, either a field was unreadable or the system read the statement wrong.
  • All trades missing – If all of your trades are missing, either the trades check box was not marked when submitting the job, the entire scan was of poor quality, or the trades document GruntWorx received was not a 1099-B or a consolidated 1099-B year-end brokerage statement.
  • Form carries over to multiple scanned pages – The first page of a series of pages will be validated but the following pages will be classified as supporting documents. GruntWorx can group only consolidated 1099 statements and K-1s.

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