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11094: 1040 - Entering a Substitute W2 or 1099-R

1040 Individual Data Entry

Where do I enter a substitute for Form W-2 or 1099R?


To complete a substitute for forms W-2 or 1099R:

  1. Complete the W2 or 1099 screen in data entry.
  2. On the W2 or 1099 screen, locate the record number for the screen. It's located on left side of the bar at the very bottom of the screen. In this W-2 example, the screen is record 1 of 1:

  1. Open the 4852 screen (Other Forms tab). Enter the record number of the W-2 or 1099 to which the 4852 applies in the appropriate field that asks To which Form W-2 does this information apply? or To which Form 1099 does this information apply? This entry links the 4852 to the W2 or 1099 screen with the information to be substituted.
  2. Complete screen 4852 by answering the two questions about how the amounts entered on the W2 or 1099 were determined, and what efforts were made to obtain the forms.
Form 4852 cannot be e-filed if the EIN is missing from the W2. You must paper file it. Completion of screen 4852 will not eliminate error 0122, which prevents e-filing.

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