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11099: MI - 4884 Amounts Flowing from Partial Rollover, Safety Officer Insurance Premiums, or 8606


How can I get the right amount to flow to MI Form 4884 when I enter a partial rollover or public safety officers insurance premiums, or I exclude a screen 1099 amount from income because it's reported on federal Form 8606?

As long as the distribution code and the age of the taxpayer or spouse allow for a subtraction on MI form 4884 (see Related Links below), you can use the following fields in the state information area on the bottom of the 1099 screen:

  • Portion of 1099-R to exclude on state - the amount keyed flows to the MI 4884. This field functions as an override.
  • Portion of 1099-R NOT qualifying for state exclusion - the amount keyed is subtracted from whatever value currently flows to MI 4884. This field functions as an adjustment.

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