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11118: 1041 - Carrying Depreciation to Schedule C, E, or F

1041 Fiduciary

How do I get depreciation to appear on Schedule E? I have entered depreciation on screen 4562 in a trust return and pointed it to Schedule E, but the depreciation is flowing instead to the beneficiary's K-1.


Go to screen 1 and check the box Carry the applicable amount of depreciation, depletion, and amortization to Schedules C, E, or F instead of to line 9 of the beneficiary's Schedule K-1.

In Drake18 and prior, this checkbox is located on screen 5.
In Drake15 and prior, the option is on screen 5 and is labeled Do NOT Carry depreciation to Schedule K-1, but to the Schedules.

This moves the depreciation from the K-1 and Wks Sch K-1(WK_K1 in Drake15 and prior), to the applicable portion of Schedule C, E, or F:

  • Schedule C, line 13, or
  • Schedule E, part I, line 18, or
  • Schedule F, line 14.

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