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11185: 1099-R - Roth Distribution

1040 Individual Data Entry

How do I show a 1099-R distribution as nontaxable because it is a Roth IRA distribution?


On screen 1099 – 1099-R Retirement, after entering the Gross distribution and Taxable amount, select the appropriate Roth code for box 7 Dist code, such as Q:

Q - Qualified distribution from a Roth IRA: use Code Q if you know
     that the participant meets the 5-year holding period and:
     - The participant has reached age 59 1/2; or
     - The participant died; or
     - The participant is disabled.
       NOTE: If any other codes, such as 5,8, or P apply, use Code J.

(Help screen for box 7)

Note: If the return has a filing status of MFJ, and the taxpayer and spouse each qualify for a $5,000 ROTH contribution, you will need to enter a separate ROTH screen for the taxpayer (T) and the spouse (S). This creates two worksheets that calculate the contributions separately for each the taxpayer (T), and the spouse (S).

If you do not create separate ROTH screens for the taxpayer (T) and spouse (S), and only create one ROTH screen and enter a $10,000 contribution and mark the screen joint (J), the worksheet limits the contribution to $5,000.

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