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11222: Schedule Live or Record ATF Payment When You Create A Vendor Invoice (CWU)

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CWU: You can schedule a single live payment or record a single ATF payment when you create a vendor invoice. The payment can be full or partial.

You can schedule a single full or partial live check payment (new in CWU 2012) or record a single full or partial ATF payment on the screen where you create a new invoice (Payables > Enter New Invoices). After an invoice is created, regardless whether you scheduled or recorded a payment with the invoice, live or ATF payments can be scheduled or recorded as usual at Payables > View & Pay Invoices to complete payment of the invoice. For invoices created for live payments, scheduling a live payment makes a vendor check available for printing on the scheduled date. For invoices created for ATF payments, an ATF payment can be recorded for a past, present or future date by cash, check, credit card, electronic or other.

On the Invoice Data Entry dialog box at Payables > Enter New Invoices, during creation of an invoice, when the ATF field is cleared (default), you are offered a live scheduling option for a single payment.

When the ATF field is selected, you are offered an ATF recording option for a single payment.

Complete the invoice leaving ATF cleared to schedule a live invoice payment, or selecting ATF for an ATF invoice payment, and then complete the payment information and click Save to save invoice and payment information. Note that this selection also determines whether later payments on the invoice, when scheduled or recorded at Payables > View & Pay Invoices, are live or ATF.

To edit a scheduled live payment. You can review or edit a scheduled live payment before payment is made, or schedule additional live payments at Payables > View & Pay Invoices. See "Schedule Live or Record ATF Single or Multiple Payments for a Vendor Invoice" in Related Links below.

To print a live scheduled check. A scheduled live payment check is displayed for printing at Payables > Live Payments > Print checks on the scheduled date. On or after that date you can select the check there and click Print to print it. You can also edit the date at Payables > View & Pay Invoices to make the check available for printing.

For a video overview of Accounts Payable in CWU, including entering and scheduling payments, see CWU Accounts Payable.

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