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11226: W-2c - Not Available On The Fly (CWU)


CWU: I created a W-2 on the fly which I have filed. How do I correct it on a W-2c?

Creating a W2c requires the payroll function. You cannot create a W2c on the fly.

Where you have filed a W2 created on the fly and want to correct it by creating a W2c in CWU using payroll:

  • Set up payroll for the employee.
  • Complete ATF payment of the employee's pay for the year (for example, one ATF check for the entire year dated December 31 of that year). Complete the payment so that it reflects the error to be corrected (amended).
  • At Employees > Process W2s, process the erroneous W2. View/Edit the W2. Review it to ensure it conforms to the filed W2, including the error. Edit if necessary.
  • At Employees > Process W2c/W3c
    • Create/Edit the W2c
    • Create/Edit the W3c
    • Print Forms W-2c and W-3c for filing.

Form W-3c is required to be filed with Form W-2c. Neither can be e-filed.

For help setting up payroll, see "How to Set Up Employee Payroll (CWU)" in Related Links below and the Employee Payroll chapter in the CWU User's Manual.

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