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11267: NonVendor 1099-MISC - Create and Print from Accounts Payable NonVendors (CWU)

CWU 1099

CWU: NonVendor 1099s Can be Created and Printed from Accounts Payable NonVendors

These instructions assume that the Nonvendor payments have already been made in the Check Writer. Make sure the CWU software is up to date -- the software can be updated by going to Tools > Install Program Updates.

  1. Enter Federal ID numbers. Go to Payables > NonVendor Changes. Click each Nonvendor who is entitled to receive a 1099 and enter the nonvendor's federal ID number. Save. (Note: if more than one Nonvendor has been created with the same federal ID number, you can select the version of the nonvendor you want to keep, then click Consolidate and CWU will move all of the payments associated with that federal ID into the nonvendor you have selected).
  2. Retrieve the 1099 data. Go to Payables > 1099 Info, select the NonVendor radio button and click Gen 1099 Data. Click OK to confirm.
  3. Prepare and print the 1099s. Go to Contractors > Process 1099 Misc.
    1. To process 1099s, select one of these two options:
      • Process All - click to process 1099s for all of your client's recipients. You will be asked to confirm the action. Click Yes to continue.
      • Process Single - click to process one 1099 for the recipient you have selected.
      If CWU detects current year payments for a recipient you process, an X appears in the 1099 column to the left of the name.
    2. After a recipient’s 1099 has been processed, you can View/Edit the 1099. To do this, highlight the recipient whose 1099 you want to view, select the View/Edit 1099s radio button and click the View/Edit button. A new screen opens and you’ll be able to make manual changes. If you change anything, select Save and do not process that 1099 again or CWU will erase your saved information.
    3. To print 1099s after processing,
      1. select one of these two options:
        • Print All 1099s - prints 1099s for all your client's recipients.
        • Print Single 1099 - prints the 1099 for only a single recipient that you have selected.
      2. Choose your 1099 form. IRS Copy A must be printed in a batch separate from your other copies because they must all go to the IRS. Other Copies All prints copies 1, 2, B, C and D. Or, you can choose to print individual copies.
      3. Select Forms and Data or Data Only. Please note that Copy A of the 1099 and the 1096 must be printed on the red forms. These forms can be obtained for free from the IRS or they can be ordered from NELCO.
      4. Click Print.
    4. To print the 1096, select the Print 1096 radio button and click Print. The 1096 must be printed on the red IRS form. You also have the option to print Forms and Data with a watermark stating that it cannot be filed, if you or your client would like a paper copy.

For a video overview of the 1099 creation process in CWU, see CWU Payroll Filings. ​

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