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11324: CWU: Schedule Live Payments for Multiple Invoices

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CWU: I have a lot of invoices to schedule for payment. Can I do all of them in one session?

If you have multiple invoices to pay, in one session you can schedule payment for one or all of them.

Go to Payables > View & Pay Invoices (or use the Schedule/Record Payments home screen icon).

On the View & Pay Invoices screen

  1. Select all of the invoices you want to schedule for payment. Select an invoice by checking the box at the left of the invoice.
  2. Click Schedule Live Payments to open the Schedule Payments screen. All the invoices you selected are available for scheduling.

On the Schedule Payments screen

  1. To schedule a single payment for an invoice
    1. Double left-click on the invoice to select it.
    2. Verify the information on the lower portion of the screen.
    3. Click Save.
    4. After saving an invoice, to access a different one listed on the grid, click Reset and repeat the previous steps to schedule payment. Continue until all invoices are scheduled.
  2. To schedule multiple payments for an invoice
    1. Follow steps 1.a.- c. for the first partial payment of that invoice.
    2. Double left click the same invoice if it is not already selected
    3. Click New for a new payment on that invoice and repeat steps 1.a.-c. for the payment.
    4. Repeat this process until all payments for the invoice are scheduled. 

 For an overview of Accounts Payable in CWU, including scheduling live invoice payments, see CWU Accounts Payable.

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