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11327: Removing Returns from Transmit/Receive Window


How do I remove a return from the transmit/receive screen?

After you select the return for e-file, the information is carried to the transmit/receive screen.

To remove the return from transmission

  1. From the Home window of the software, select Transmit/Receive from the EF menu.
  2. Highlight the return type (individual, state individual, corporate, etc.) you want to remove from the EF process. Click Review.
  1. The Transmit File Editor window opens.
  2. Select the returns you want to remove (or Select All). Click Remove at the bottom of the window.
  1. You are returned to the Transmit/Receive Files window, where you can confirm that the return has been removed.

    In the example above, a state return has been removed and will not be transmitted.
  1. Continue the transmission process as needed for other selected returns or select Cancel to exit.

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