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11354: Correcting an E-filed 1099 (CWU)

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CWU: Does CWU create an electronic 1099 correction file that I can transmit?

No. Correcting a 1099 filing requires paper filing.

See the IRS table below for a description of the correction process. Generally,

  • a corrected form is paper filed to correct an incorrect money amount, a code or a checkbox.
  • a corrected form to zero out the previous filing, and a new replacement form, are filed to correct
    • a blank payee IN (SS, EIN, QU-EIN, or ITIN)
    • an incorrect payee TIN
    • an incorrect payee name
    • or where the original return filed was the wrong form.

Take steps to preserve a copy of the original filing. When you create the corrected forms, you will replace some of the original entries on the screen.

  • For forms that can be created as either regular or on-the-fly forms, switch the method when you create the corrected forms. This leaves the original screens for the forms intact. If the original e-filing was of regular forms, create the additional forms as on-the-fly forms, and vice-versa.
  • For forms that can be created only as on-the-fly forms, or where two additional copies of the form must be filed, make sure you have printed a PDF copy of the original forms.

See General Instructions for Certain Information Returns, for more information.  For a video demonstration of correcting a 1099 in CWU, see CWU Correcting 1099s.

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