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11364: 1040 - Extension Letter After Acceptance of 4868

Deadlines + Extensions

The software is printing out the 1040 result letter rather than the 4868 letter. How can I get the extension letter?

When an extension has been e-filed and accepted in the software, it is updated on the ESUM screen with an ACK date and ACK code of A. At that point, the software will generate the 1040 result letter in preparation for the actual return to be completed.

There are two ways to retrieve the 4868 extension letter:

  1. To get the extension letter to print after the extension has been e-filed and accepted, sign in to the software with an administrator account. Open the ESUM screen (Miscellaneous tab). Temporarily remove the A next to the 4868 summary line. The software will now produce the extension letter.

Note: When you have printed the letter, remember to go back to the ESUM screen and reenter the “A” ACK code.

  1. If you created an Archive of the return, including the letter, when the 4868 was e-filed, restore that archive copy and print the letter.

Note: Be sure to archive the return as is before restoring the 4868 archive.

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