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11381: PY Return - Cannot Suppress Mailing Address State Return

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How do I suppress the mailing address state in a part-year (PY) return?

In a return marked PY in the Resident State field on screen 1, a return is always produced for the state indicated in the Mailing address section of screen 1. It cannot be suppressed on the PRNT screen. It is treated as the resident state and the resident state cannot be suppressed. However, you can suppress all states by entering zero (0) in the Resident State field.


The taxpayer lived in SC and then in FL during the prior year. The address on screen 1 reflects NC because that is where the taxpayer has lived all of the current year. PY is marked in the Resident State field.

The taxpayer did not live in NC during the prior year and did not work there. NC will still appear as part of the return in view mode and will be reflected in the result letter.

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