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11384: Print and E-file W2s and W3s On the Fly Without Setting Up Payroll (CWU)

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CWU: Print and E-file W2s and W3s On the Fly Without Setting Up Payroll in Client Write-Up

You can print and e-file W2s and W3s "on the fly" for your clients without setting up payroll in Drake’s Client Write-Up software (this function is not available in free evaluation software). Client Write-Up is included on the Drake Software CD. Printing on the fly does not require bookkeeping setup.

A W2c requires the payroll function and cannot be created on the fly. See "W2c - Not Available On The Fly" (Related Links below).

The following instructions assume that you are not using any Client Write-Up payroll function (live or ATF) for the client for whom you want to print W2s or W3s. If you are using any of the payroll functions for the client, refer to the Client Write-Up manual or see "Generate and E-file W2/W3 Using Payroll Function" (Related Links below).

Installation: If Client Write-Up is not installed, refer to the Client Write-Up manual for installation instructions (see "Where to Find the CWU Manual" in Related Links below). After installation, proceed with the following directions.

  1. Set up the client at Setup > Client Information. The following fields are the minimum required to print W2s and W3s
    1. On the Contact Information tab:
      1. Name
      2. Address 1
      3. City
      4. State
      5. Zip
      6. Phone 1
      7. EIN
      8. State ID
    2. On the W2/W3-1099/1098 Setup tab, W-3 Kind of Payer and W-3 Kind of Employer.
  2. Print W2s
    1. Enter the data on the W2s.
      1. Go to On the Fly Forms > W2s On the Fly.
      2. On the W2s on The Fly screen, enter an Employee Code, click New, and enter all information directly onto the W2 form (there are no calculations performed on this screen - all information must be manually entered). Click Save to save the data. Repeat this process for each W2 needed.
      3. Process the W2s you’ve entered. At On the Fly Forms > W2s On the Fly, click Process W2s to display the list of W2s. Select an individual W2 and click Process Single for a single W2, or click Process All to process all of them. An X appears to the left of each W2 processed.
    2. Print the W2s you’ve processed.
      1. To print all processed W2s, click Print All.
      2. To print a single processed W2, select it and in the View/Print area click Print Single.
      3. In the Types area, select which W2 copies you want to print.
      4. In the Forms area, select Forms and Data or Data Only.
      5. You also can view or edit an individual W2 that has been processed by selecting it, selecting View/Edit W2s and clicking the View/Edit button.
      6. Click Print to begin printing. When the PDF copy appears, print it.
      7. To print W3s for all processed W2s, select Print W3 and click Print.
  3. E-file W2/W3
    1. E-filing Setup
      1. Create and process W2/W3 as stated above. You do not have to print W2/W3 in order to generate a transmission file.
      2. The individual transmitting the W2/W3 must have a user ID and password assigned by the SSA. To receive this, go to and select Register. Follow the prompts. You will be assigned the login information needed to submit the W2/W3 electronically.
    2. E-file creation:  At E-filing > W2 E-Filing (EFW2) > Create File
      Note:  W-2 e-filing is not available in CWU until SSA authorizes it, probably around July or August.
      1. Complete the Federal EFW2 Submission screen and select Save Screen, making sure to select W2's On The Fly. (This must be done in each Client’s file.) 
      2. Click Create File.
      3. Follow prompts to generate the transmission file.
    3. Location of transmission files. A federal and a state transmission file are both created on the drive where CWU is installed.
      1. The federal transmission file is at CWU20YY\CLIENTS\[client code]\Efile_W2s\W2REPORT_OnFly_005.TXT. This information appears in a pop-up and at the bottom of the Federal EFW2 Submission screen. Write down name and location of the transmission file so you can find it later:
      2. The state transmission file is in the folder CWU20YY\Clients\[client code]\[state code]_W2Report. The file is named or starts with "W2REPORT". (For example, the North Carolina file might appear as C:\CWU20YY\CLIENTS\005\NC_W2Report\W2REPORT.)
        Note: The transmission file contains all of the information that is needed to transmit. CWU does not generate a separate W3 to e-file. It is included with the W2 file that is created
    4. E-file review.
      1. Go to E-Filing > W2 E-filing > Transmit File. Check the box W2 files have not been tested using AccWage. Click Open Web Site
      2. The AccuWage Online webpage will open. Follow AccuWage's instructions to test your file upload.
      3. If the file generates errors, correct them before submitting to the SSA. After correcting the errors, create the file again and review it on the AccuWage website to confirm that it is error-free before proceeding.
      4. When there are no errors, proceed to e-file transmission.
      5. State file. If you have to correct errors and recreate the federal file, use the state file created with the error-free federal file.
    5. E-file transmission:  Return to CWU software. Go to E-filing > W2 E-Filing (EFW2) > Transmit File
    6. Select the option that W2 files have been tested using AccuWage. Then click the button Open Web Site.This will take you to the Business Services Online welcome page where you can log in and complete the e-file process. 
      1. After completing the process, you will receive an acknowledgement that the SSA has accepted the file format you have transmitted.
      2. Remember or write down the SSA file name provided in the SSA acknowledgement. In case there is an error or an SSA inquiry and you must transmit again, you have to associate the SSA file name with the appropriate client’s Efile_W2s file that you initially transmitted.
      3. Note: CWU will not receive any other type of acknowledgement from the SSA for the W2 package you submit.
      4. The SSA will review the file in detail during the next few months. If there’s a question, the SSA will contact you based on the selection you made on the Create screen.
      5. State transmission. Follow instructions at the state site where you e-file. The states where CWU can e-file, and the names and locations of state transmission files created in CWU, are listed in “W2 State e-Filing in CWU” (Related Links below).

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