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11502: My Printer Is Not Printing (Drake16 and prior)

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Why isn't my printer printing in Drake? 

Before trying to correct your printer issue in the software, verify that you are able to print outside of the software. If you cannot print outside of the software, the problem is likely the printer, not the software. If the printer won't print outside the software, verify that the printer is plugged in and powered on. Rebooting both your computer and printer may resolve the issue.

If your printer prints outside of the software, try the two printer adjustments described below.

Both adjustments are on the Printer Setup dialog box. To open the dialog box, on the Home window of the software, from the menu bar, select Setup > Printing > Printer Setup. Select the (F8) Edit Printer Settings tab.

  1. Change the Print Method. The print method is the most common issue when your printer will not print. This is usually caught by the Printer Test Assistant (see "Help Me Choose - Printer Setup in Drake (Drake16 and prior)" in Related Articles below). Also see the Note below. If you have already run the Printer Test Assistant, or prefer not to, try changing the print method as follows:
    1. Select your printer from the Select printer drop list at the top of the Printer Settings dialog box.
    2. If Preferred Print Method (PCL) is selected, select instead Alternate Print Method (GDI), or vice-versa. Click Update and then Save. Try printing one form from Tools > Blank Forms
    3. If the issue is unresolved, return the setting to its original status, Update and Save, and try the next adjustment.
  2. Change the Printer type.
    1. Select your printer from the drop list from the Select printer drop list at the top of the dialog box.
    2. Change the Printer type to Other from the drop list.

  1. Select Update then Save.
  2. Try printing one form.
  3. If the issue is unresolved, return the setting to its original status, Update and Save,

Help me choose does not produce a print job when GDI is selected. The function will first attempt to print with PCL. If nothing prints, then it selects GDI. Do not click Help Me Choose again. To test to ensure that GDI is working, go to Tools > Blank Forms and try printing a blank form.

If you are still unable to print, contact Drake Software Support, (828) 524-8020, for help

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