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11511: Practice Returns in Drake Tax

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What practice returns are available in Drake Tax? 

Drake Tax includes the following test or practice returns:

500-00-1001 500-00-1002 500-00-1003 500-00-1004
500-00-1005 500-00-1006 500-00-1007 500-00-1008

Use of these returns for training purposes is described online at Drake Support (Training > Practice Returns).

E-Filing Practice Returns.

Drake recommends that you transmit at least one of the e-filing practice returns as a test to make sure you have a working connection. A test transmission is not required, but it may help you eliminate difficulties before you begin to transmit live.

At the Drake Support practice returns page (above), click e-Filing Practice Instructions to see instructions for electronic filing practice returns. The instructions describe how to prepare and e-file the returns, how to view acknowledgements and how to correct issues in the return that cause e-filing rejection. These returns are not live and do not go beyond Drake - transmissions are between you and the Drake servers for e-filing practice.

Practice Return Scenarios

At the Drake Support practice returns page (above), click Practice Return Instructions to see general instructions for entering the practice return scenarios listed on the page. These returns are for your data entry practice and cannot be e-filed. Each of the practice or test returns, and each solution, is described in a PDF document that you can download.

Scenario version numbers are located in the footer of each practice return to indicate in which version of Drake Tax the scenario was created. Due to tax law changes, some minor differences may exist between the "solution" PDF and the results in a later version of Drake Tax.

PPR Users

When you try to open a test return with a prior-year test return number that is not in the current year of Drake Tax, the software must either update from the previous year (if the return exists there) or create a new return, either of which is chargeable against your activated PPRs. Entering any of the SSNs in the practice return scenarios will require you to redeem a banked PPR return. You cannot create a practice or test return by entering a random 40000 or 50000 series number without redeeming a PPR return; choose an existing test return from Open/Create

For data entry practice with these scenarios, use an existing 50000 series test return (specific numbers above). You can change the name in an existing test return without redeeming another return, and you can use Archive Manager to swap out the original test return and various data entry scenarios.

For more information, see the Drake PPR Manual and Related Links below. 

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