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11533: Blank Pages Between Printed Pages

Printing Generally

Blank pages appear between printed pages.

There are several options that may help you resolve this problem.

  1. Your printer may lack duplex printing capabilities. Confirm the printer's duplex capabilities in the printer user manual or at the vendor web site. If the printer cannot print duplex, make sure the Duplex option is not selected on the (F5) General Setup and (F6) ‘Sets’ Setup tabs.
  2. Run the Drake Printer Test Assistant to configure your Drake printing method. (For more information on this test, see "Help Me Choose - Printer Setup in Drake" in Related Links below.) The Test Assistant helps you choose between the Preferred Printing Method (PCL) and the Alternate Print Method (GDI).
    1. Go to Setup > Printing > Printer Setup > F8 tab.
    2. Select the problem printer from the drop list and click Help Me Choose to send a Drake test page to the printer.
    3. Compare your printer output with the checked Arial font, especially in the circled areas of the Arial font, and pick the best response:
      • Yes, it matches - The printer is PCL-5e compliant. Choosing this response sets the printer to use the Preferred Printing Method (PCL).
      • No, it does NOT match – The printer may be PCL-5e compliant but does not have the Arial font needed for the preferred PCL print method. You are prompted to contact the printer manufacturer to determine if you can purchase and add the Arial font. Choosing this response sets the printer to use the Alternate Print Method (GDI).
      • Nothing printed – The printer is not compatible with PCL-5e. Choosing this response sets the printer to use the Alternate Print Method (GDI).

      Note: The print method selected and click Update to save the print method selection.

  3. Run the print job again to see if the blank pages are eliminated by the Test Assistant.
  4. If the Preferred Printing Method (PCL) is selected and the problem persists, trying printing with the Alternate Print Method (GDI) after selecting Unspecified in the Main paper source field if the setting is available. If the printer supports GDI, these settings are effective and override printer tray selections on the (F5) and (F6) tabs.


  • If you print returns using GDI - be aware that you may encounter problems with some taxing authorities if you paper-file the return. If your Help Me Choose test print output is Yes, it matches, consider using the Preferred Printing Method (PCL) to print separately the return and any documents you intend to be paper filed.
  • If you have not resolved a printer issue after exhausting printer settings and Drake Software settings, install the latest printer driver available for your operating system. Review the printer user manual or the vendor website for more information.

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