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11601: Schedule D - Data Entry for Line 12

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How can I get an amount on line 12 of Schedule D?


There are various entry points for line 12 of the Schedule D.

Long term capital gains/losses will carry to line 12 from entries on the

  • K1P screen (line 9a).
  • K1P screen (line 11, code II) (code FI in Drake17 and prior).
  • K1P screen (Basis Wkst tab, line 10g, column (a), Net long-term capital losses).
  • K1S screen (line 8a).
  • K1S screen (line 10, code HG) (code EG in Drake17 and prior).
  • K1S screen (Basis Wkst tab, line 9gcolumn (a), Net long-term capital losses).
  • K1F screen (line 4a).
  • K1F screen (line 11, code D).(code C in Drake17 and prior)

An adjustment line is available on the D2 screen (on the Income tab) for line 12. It adjusts entries already flowing from other sources.

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