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11605: Bank EF Message 5384

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How do I clear EF Message 5384?

EF Message 5384 -

NO BANK PRODUCT SELECTED: The Setup option to require a bank produce was selected but no bank screen was entered and the EF screen has not been marked that the return is not eligible for a bank product.

Possible solutions:

-Return to Setup > Options > EF tab and clear the check box, "Alert preparer when bank product not included."

-Complete a bank screen.

-Open the EF screen and select "Return not eligible for a bank product."

There are three ways to clear this message:

  • From the Home window of the software, select Setup > Options > EF tab. To the left, under Select to Turn On, verify that you want to Alert preparer when bank product is not included. Deselect if you prefer not to be alerted when a bank product is not included.
  • From the General tab in data entry of the return, fill out the BANK screen for your banking partner, located under the Electronic Filing and Banking section to the lower right. Each banking partner has a different screen name, such as EPS for EPS or TPG for the Tax Products Group (Santa Barbara).
  • If the return is not eligible for a bank product, open the EF screen (EF Selections) and select Return not eligible for a bank product under ADDITIONAL OPTIONS.

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