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11610: Schedule C - Multiple 1099-MISC for Same Business

1040 Individual Data Entry

I have entered multiple 1099-Misc forms for the same business, and the software is producing multiple Schedule C forms. How do I get a single Sch. C?


Here are the steps you need to take in order to prevent the software from producing multiple Schedule Cs for a single business from multiple 1099M entries:

  1. Enter a Schedule C with the profession, business code and name of the business.
  2. Enter the 99M screens; mark them for the Schedule C and be sure to enter a multi-form code that corresponds with the Schedule C involved.

If you have already entered the 99M screens, and are now looking at multiple Schedule C screens to match your 99M entries,

  1. If you have multiple Schedule C forms and multiple 1099-M forms, make sure you enter the correct MFC (Multi-form Code). In the example below, the florist would be MFC 1, landscaping MFC 2, and woodworking MFC 3.

  2. Go to the first Schedule C created from your 99M screens and enter in the profession, business code and name of the business
  3. Delete the additional Schedule Cs that were generated incorrectly by the 99M screens.

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