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11655: 1040 - 1099-R Distribution Amounts Doubling

1040 Individual Data Entry

I entered a 1099-R and completed the 8606 and/or ROTH screens, but the amounts on the 1040, line 4b are not what I expect. Why?


A 1099-R is entered on the 1099 screen (located on the General tab) for distributions received. If the 1099-R distribution is being reported on the 8606 and/or ROTH screen(s) instead, mark the Exclude here; distribution is being reported on... checkbox*, under the Additional Information for this Distribution section, located on the bottom left of the 1099-R screen:


This tells the software not to carry the amount from the 1099-R, but to carry the 8606/ROTH screen entries to Form 8606 to calculate the taxable amount that flows to Form 1040, line 4b.

LinkBacks can also be useful for tracking these amounts. See Related Links below for details. 

For more information on non-deductible IRA contributions, see the Form 8606 Instructions.

*In Drake17 and prior, this checkbox is worded as Exclude from income – reported on Form 8606

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