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PPR Pricing and Details

If you prepare a small number of returns, the Pay Per Return (PPR) version of Drake Tax might be right for you.

Drake Software’s full package costs $1,625 (early renewal discounts available).

The 2021 PPR package is $345. Drake sends you a PPR serial number (which you must use to comply with your license agreement). The PPR package includes

  • 15 returns. Purchased PPR returns are kept in your account at Drake until you redeem them.
  • An internet connection is necessary to purchase or redeem PPR returns.
  • The Download Only version of the software.
  • A Referrer Affiliate link to that you can copy and post on your own or another web page. The link takes a user to to self-prepare an individual tax return for online filing. You receive 20% of the revenues.

A PPR user can also purchase:

  • Additional PPR returns. If you need more than the initial 15 returns, you can purchase additional returns for $23 each.
  • Drake Accounting 2022 (DAS) - choose from: 
    • Professional Edition (accounting and payroll) $495.
    • Forms Edition (forms only, included in the Professional Edition) $395.
  • Partner Affiliate status for $1,000. Partner Affiliate status, which comes with the full package, can be purchased separately by PPR users and includes
    • a Referrer link to that you can copy and post on your own or another web page. The Tier 2 Referrer link takes the user to to self-prepare an individual tax return for online filing.
    • You receive 80% of the revenues generated.
  • CD Service for $59 (December and January installation CDs and the end-of-season archive CD).

Upgrading from PPR to the full package.

You can purchase an upgrade of your PPR package to the full package at any time. See the Drake Pay Per Return (PPR) user's manual for more information.

  • Generally, the upgrade price is $1,955 less $23 for each return you have purchased.
  • If you have not purchased any additional PPR returns – the price to upgrade to the full package is $1,610 before any applicable sales tax ($1,955 less $23 X 15, the returns supplied with the PPR software).
  • If you have purchased additional PPR returns – the $1,955 price for the full package upgrade is further reduced by the total cost of the additional returns purchased.
  • If you have purchased 85 PPR returns (that's a total of 15 that came with the software and 70 additional purchased later) – you can upgrade to the full package at no charge ($1,955 less 85 X $23).
  • Upgrading from PPR to the full package provides you with all the benefits of the full package:
    • Your Referrer Affiliate status upgrades to Partner Affiliate status.
  • During the filing season, when you’ve purchased 85 returns, your software can be automatically upgraded and converted to the unlimited Drake package simply by opening the Pay Per Return window. From the Home window, go to Setup > Pay Per Return.

Internet access is required for the use and activation of the PPR version of Drake Tax and the purchase of additional returns. As with the full package, internet access is also required to keep the software updated.

Remember that PPR is for a low volume of returns, so if you plan to do a high volume of tax returns, the full package will be more cost effective.

PPR details.

  • PPR returns that you have purchased are redeemed as you create new returns in Drake. Updating a return from the prior year, starting a new return in the Quick Estimator, and changing the SSN or EIN of an existing return, each uses a redemption.
  • To reduce the chances of a return being created in error, you must validate SSNs or EINs when creating new returns.
  • Redeemed PPRs can be transferred to a different computer without using another redemption.
  • When opening a return updated from the prior year, you are prompted to either redeem the return or open the return in read-only mode. The data entry fields are not activated in read-only mode.
  • The SSN or EIN of a return can be changed under Tools > File Maintenance > Change SSN/EIN on Return, but it redeems a PPR return.
  • Practice returns are supplied with the PPR package, but you cannot create new test returns without using a redemption. See "Pay Per Return Software Cannot Create New Test Returns" in Related Links below.

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