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11669: Pay Per Return Package Pricing and Details

Pay Per Return

What is the Drake Tax Pay Per Return product? 


If you prepare a small number of returns, the Pay Per Return (PPR) version of Drake Tax might be right for you. Details regarding pricing can be found on the support website pricing page. 

See Related Links below for PPR Use - Restrictions and Notes. 

A PPR user can purchase:

  • Additional Returns
  • Drake Accounting - choose from: 
    • Professional Edition (accounting and payroll)
    • Forms Edition (forms only, included in the Professional Edition)
  • TheTaxBook WebLibrary Plus Research Tool 

Upgrading from PPR to the full package.

You can upgrade your PPR package to the full package at any time. For more details, review the PPR to Full Package section on Setup > Pay Per Return or contact the accounting department at (828) 349-5900.

  • Upgrading from PPR to the full package provides you with all the benefits of the full package:
    • Your Referrer Affiliate status upgrades to Partner Affiliate status.
  • During the filing season, when you have unlocked unlimited, your software can be automatically upgraded and converted to the unlimited Drake package simply by opening the Pay Per Return window. From the Home window, go to Setup > Pay Per Return. The remaining cost to upgrade to full is also displayed on this window. 

Internet access is required for the use and activation of the PPR version of Drake Tax and the purchase of additional returns. As with the full package, internet access is also required to keep the software updated.

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