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11773: CA - E-Filing a Single Member LLC (CA 568)


How do I e-file a Single Member LLC (CA 568) in California?


You can generate and e-file a Single Member LLC in either the 1065 or the 1040 package.

In the 1065 package, you do not have to clear EF Message 0220 in order to e-file the CA 568. All other federal red messages must be cleared. Note that you cannot e-file the federal 1065 return with this red message; only the CA 568 can be transmitted. 

Federal 1065 EF message 0220 states:

INVALID NUMBER OF PARTNERS: Form 1065, page 1, item I, "Number of Schedules K-1," must be a minimum of two.

Review the number of partner K1 screens entered, or the number entered.

In the 1040 package, a CA SMLLC is generated by:

  • First entering an identifying number (1-999) for the LLC in the LLC# box on the CE, or screen as applicable.
    • The LLC# box has been moved to the Carryovers/State Info tab on the C and F screens in Drake19. 
  • For example, on the first LLC for a return, enter a 1 in the LLC# box.
  • Then go to the CA > Single Member LLC tab > DEMO screen and enter the same identifying number in the SMLLC Number box. Complete any other needed fields. 
    • You can Page Down to create additional screens as needed to tie to multiple federal C, E, or F screens that are SMLLCs. 
  • After all red messages are cleared, a CA SMLLC can be e-filed. Review the calculate screen to ensure that each SMLLC on the return is eligible for e-filing (they will be listed as CALLC01, CALLC02, etc.).
  • To e-file only the CALLC returns, select CA LLC in the State E-file Override drop list on the EF screen. 

Form 568 in Drake16 and prior had to be paper-filed if generated in an individual return per CA EF Message 1900:

CA Single Member LLC (Within Individual Package)

California e-File not allowed

There is a SMLLC(s) present on this return. Currently, Drake
Software does not support the e-Filing of the CA SMLLC (568) in the
Individual package.

Form 568 was eligible for e-file in the partnership package in Drake16 and prior. 

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