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11773: CA - E-Filing a Single Member LLC (CA 568)


How do I e-file a Single Member LLC (CA 568) in California?


You can generate and e-file a Single Member LLC in either the 1065 or the 1040 package.

In the 1065 package, you do not have to clear EF Message 0220. All other federal red messages must be cleared.

Federal 1065 EF message 0220 states:

INVALID NUMBER OF PARTNERS: Form 1065, page 1, item I, "Number of Schedules K-1," must be a minimum of two.

Review the number of partner K1 screens entered, or the number entered.

In the 1040 package, a CA SMLLC is generated by:

  • First entering an identifying number (1-999) for the LLC in the LLC# box on the CE, or screen as applicable.
    • For example, on the first LLC for a return, enter a 1 in the LLC# box.
  • Then go to the CA > Single Member LLC tab > DEMO screen and enter the same identifying number in the SMLLC Number box. Complete any other needed fields. 
    • You can Page Down to create additional screens as needed to tie to multiple federal C, E, or F screens that are SMLLCs. 
  • After all red messages are cleared, a CA SMLLC can be e-filed. Review the calculate screen to ensure that each SMLLC on the return is eligible for e-filing (they will be listed as CALLC01, CALLC02, etc.).
  • To e-file only the CALLC returns, select CA LLC in the State E-file Override drop list on the EF screen. 

Form 568 in Drake16 and prior had to be paper-filed if generated in an individual return per CA EF Message 1900:

CA Single Member LLC (Within Individual Package)

California e-File not allowed

There is a SMLLC(s) present on this return. Currently, Drake
Software does not support the e-Filing of the CA SMLLC (568) in the
Individual package.

Form 568 was eligible for e-file in the partnership package in Drake16 and prior. 

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