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11775: Error 9 - Subscript Out of Range

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How do I resolve Error 9?

Error 9 (subscript/pointer out of range) can occur in a variety of situations, including:

  • when a specific return is selected for transmission, transmitted, opened, viewed or calculated
  • during the printing of organizers, or
  • during software updating.

If error 9 is caused by a specific return

Look in that return for a data entry screen that is blank, incomplete or has a required data entry field that is blank. For example, an import of Schedule D information that results in a blank or incomplete D screen may cause error 9. If the screen is not needed, delete it (Ctrl+D).  If the screen is needed, complete data entry. If you cannot resolve the problem, contact Drake Support.

For all other error 9 issues

Contact Drake Support (828-524-8020) for assistance.

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