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11790: 8949 - Acceptable Entries for E-filing

1040 Individual Data Entry

What entries can I use in the 1040 Form 8949 description, date, sales, cost/basis, and proceeds fields if I am e-filing?


Your available choices, and whether they require paper-filing, are listed in the Help screen for these fields (press F1 in the field) on screen 8949:

  • 1b Date acquired
  • 1c Date sold or disposed
  • 1d Proceeds
  • 1e Cost or other basis

For New Jersey e-filing purposes, except as noted below, you must enter a valid date (MMDDYYYY) for date acquired and date sold or you will have to paper file the NJ return. For the date acquired field, only two text entries are acceptable: "VARIOUS" and "INH2010" (which is converted to 01-01-2010 for the NJ return). Do not enter "INHERIT" as the date acquired.


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