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How do I clear EF Message 5570?

This error may result from an individual return:

  • that includes 179 expense
  • that displays a 4562 in View/Print mode produced by entries on screen 6 or screen 8829 for a home placed in service in the current year.

Such a return displays more than one Form 4562 in View/Print mode. The error occurs because the 4562s are not sorted into a sequence that is required by the presence of 179 expense in the return. The solution is to remove depreciation data from screen 6 or screen 8829 and reenter it on a 4562 screen, which allows the necessary sorting.

  1. If you have entered a 4562 override screen (Screen 6), remove those entries and enter the data on a 4562 screen.
  2. If you have entered depreciation data directly on screen 8829 (Office in Home), remove the main home information from the 8829 screen and enter it on a 4562 screen as follows:
    1. Copy the data previously entered at the bottom of the 8829 data entry screen (in Part III) because you will use it in Step 2d.
    2. Remove the data previously entered at the bottom of the 8829 data entry screen (in Part III).
    3. Go to the 4562 detail screen and create a new 4562 data entry screen.
    4. Enter the information as follows (this example assumes the smaller of basis or FMV is $50,000, land value is $5,000, and in-service date is 5/5/2009):
      Field Entry Explanation
      FOR 8829 Directs output to Form 8829
      DESCRIPTION HOME OFFICE The description can vary.
      DATE ACQUIRED 05052009 Current year produces Form 4562.
      COST 50000 Lesser of basis or fair market value.  Do not include land cost - you can track land cost by entering it in the Land Cost field on screen 4562.
      BUSINESS % USE Leave blank. Business allocation occurs on 8829.
      METHOD SL Home used for business after 05/13/93, but see Publications 946, How to Depreciate Property, and 587, Business Use of Your Home, for other methods.
      LIFE 39 Home used for business after 05/13/93, but see Publications 946 and 587 for other lives.
      MAIN HOME FOR FORM 8829 Select this option. This option ensures deductible mortgage interest and taxes are properly handled. In prior years, "/8829" had to appear as part of the DESCRIPTION (for example, "HOME OFFICE /8829"). Selecting this option makes this unnecessary.
      LAND COST 5000 You can enter land cost here to track it.

    5. When you view the return, Part III of the 8829 shows the depreciation allowable for the home office and the 4562 still reflects the proper placement of the home placed into service in the current year


The IRS requires that Section 179 expensing is reported on the first 4562 in the return, i.e. it must be on the first 4562 in the e-file record. If only one activity in the return has Section 179 expensing, that 4562 must print first. If multiple activities have Section 179 expensing, a summary 4562 must be printed first with the collective Sec 179 information.

If you have any 179 expense, the program sorts 4562s to ensure Section 179 entries are on the first 4562. All depreciation on that return must be entered on 4562 screens for the sorting to occur.

Screen 6 and screen 8829 produce 4562s that cannot be sorted. This EF Message appears as a result.

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