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11865: Bank Products - Fee Information

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Are there any fee restrictions related to bank products? 

State Restrictions:

Certain states do not allow preparers to charge additional fees for preparing bank documents.

Also see Related Links for details about state disclosure forms. 

Document Prep Fee

The Document Prep Fee is only available if you are partnering with TPG or Refundo. Both banks allow you to charge a Document Prep Fee, up to $150, by completing the section below the Add-on Fee on the bank application.

TPG charges a processing fee in addition to the document prep fee (if selected). Review your bank application for details on the amount charged by the bank. 

Check Admin Fee

If partnering with TPG, the ERO can opt-in to the Check Admin Fee. This means that each taxpayer that selects a check disbursement for their tax refund will be charged an additional $12 for a check disbursement, for both site print check or bank print check. The ERO's portion is paid to the ERO at the same time as the document prep fee disbursement. 

Add-on Fee

Banks allow you to include an additional fee to a return when using a bank product. This is in addition to any preparer fees that you have set up in the software. For more information, see Related Links below.

Franchise/Network Fees

For multi-site offices: The service bureau fee has been replaced with a Franchise/Network Fee to more accurately reflect the fee’s purpose.

Note: For customers using Republic Bank, the Franchise/Network fee will be deposited to the same account as the preparer’s fees. Republic will only deposit prep fees into one account and the Franchise/Network fee is part of the prep fee.


Other restrictions may be applicable depending on the state in which you are operating and/or the bank that you choose to partner with. 

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