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11883: Company Name Change

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How do I change my company or firm name with Drake Software?

To change your DBA Name, you can go online to the Support website > Account > Account Info page.

Drake Software’s License Agreement is non-transferable. If you have sold your business or changed your business entity name, causing the EIN or SSN to change, a new account will need to be created.

Contact the Compliance Department at 866-273-9032 to get the process started and they will send you the necessary paperwork.

When an entity changes, the IRS requires a new EFIN. You can apply for the new EFIN from the e-Services website. If you need assistance you may call the e-Services Helpline at 866-255-0654. In order to register an EFIN to a Drake Account, we must have a copy of the e-File Application Summary from e-Services.

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