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Does data entry support barcode scanning for Forms W-2 and K-1?

Yes, beginning in Drake10, data entry supports use of a bar code scanner to enter data from 2D barcoded W-2 and K-1 forms. 
  • Scanning works on any W-2 or K-1 with a 2D barcode.
    • You scan from the data entry menu rather than the W2 or K1 screen.
    • When you scan, the software opens a new W2 or K1 screen and fills it for you. Previously entered W-2s or K-1s are not affected. If you have previously entered or updated a form that you scan, the scan creates a second form and you determine which one to delete.
  • Scanners. A suitable scanner must read PDF417 barcode symbol format.
    • Most 2D barcode scanners will probably work, but you will have to verify that the data is correctly entered and possibly adjust the scanner software to get correct results.
    • Drake suggests the Honeywell Xenon 1900 or the Metrologic Focus MS1690 USB barcode scanner, or the equivalent.
  • The IRS has issued guidelines for the 2D barcode. If the software that produced the W-2 or K-1 barcode complies with IRS guidelines, the recommended scanners will enter data correctly on the software screen. You should examine the data entry screen after scanning to confirm that the entries are correct.
  • Separate W-2 schedules must be entered manually. In the case of multiple city withholding on a separate schedule that doesn’t fit on the W-2, the 2D barcode supplies only the information on the W-2 itself. You must manually enter additional information from a separate schedule after you have scanned the barcode.

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