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11905: Pay Per Return Software Cannot Create New Test Returns

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PPR “free” practice returns are restricted to test returns provided in the software.

In the Pay Per Return (PPR) version of the software, a practice or test return cannot be created by entering a random 40000XXXX or 50000XXXX series number. PPR test returns are restricted to the test return numbers supplied in the software.

Note: Drake Tax includes e-filing practice returns. See Related Links below for a list of test returns available to PPR users.

All test returns supplied with the software are individual, not business returns. If you would like to practice data entry for a business return type, you can change the file type of one of the supplied test returns by going to Tools > File Maintenance > Change File Type. PPR users cannot change the ID number or file type for a test return:

For practice data entry, PPR users can change the name of individual test returns.

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