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11929: OR - Preparer Registration Number Fails to Appear on OR40


Why isn't my Oregon license number appearing on the OR40 return when my firm is not located in Oregon?

You are referring to the Preparer Registration Number entered for Oregon at the bottom of the Preparer Setup screen (Setup > Preparers).

Oregon’s law applies only to those preparers physically located in Oregon. The only exceptions are when a person preparing the returns has an agent in Oregon, a drop-off location in Oregon or advertises in Oregon-based publications (such as an Oregon area phone book). The out-of-state preparer who prepares the occasional Oregon return for clients who walk into their office is exempt from this requirement. The program will populate the Oregon license number only if there is an Oregon address as required by the ORDOR specifications. If the firm is located out of state but the OR registration number is still required, go to Setup > Options > States > OR, and select the option Print Oregon license number when firm is outside of Oregon

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