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11932: 8903 - Amount Not Flowing to Partner/Shareholder K-1 (Drake17 and Prior)

1120S Sub S Corporate

Why doesn’t the code Q and an amount for the DPAD show on the K1? All I see is a code P and no amount.

You have selected the option Print K1-8903 on screen 8903. In an 1120S or 1065, selecting this option provides a K-1 Form 8903 (K1_8903 in Drake15 and prior) page for each partner or shareholder based on their percentage of ownership. The partner’s K-1 will have code T on line 13, the shareholder's K-1 will have code P on line 12, but no amount will be printed.

See the Form 8903 instructions and screen level help before selecting this option. The K-1 Form 8903 should only be used when the entity is required to provide more detailed information to the shareholder/partner.

Note: The Domestic Production Activities Deduction was repealed for tax years beginning after 2017 by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. 

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