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11938: MO - 1099-G Not Mailed but Available On-Line


Why did the taxpayer not receive Form 1099-G from MO?

The Department mails postcards that provide information for obtaining a taxpayer’s 1099-G amount on-line or by calling the Department, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Important: Form 1099-G information, which must be reported on the taxpayer’s federal income tax return, is available from the Department of Revenue as directed on the taxpayer notification postcard (either online or by calling the DOR).  It does not include unemployment benefits, but reports the amount of refunds, credits, and offsets of state income tax during the previous year. These amounts may be taxable on a taxpayer’s federal income tax return if the taxpayer’s federal income tax return last year claimed the amount as an itemized deduction. 

The Division of Employment Security administers the unemployment program.  Their policy continues to be that individuals who have received unemployment will be mailed a 1099-G form with the necessary information in January, for the prior year. This information is also available online from the Department of Labor.

A taxpayer can obtain a 1099-G on-line at or by calling the Missouri Department of Revenue at 573-526-8299, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The taxpayer will need their social security number, zip code and filing status on the most recently filed tax return.

For more information, see MO Form 1099-G FAQs.

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