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11959: 1040 - EIC and EF Message 0075

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A 1040 return claiming EIC is generating red message 0075. Why am I receiving this message that indicates at least one of several forms must be present in the return if EIC is claimed, however, one of the required forms is present?

You are seeing EF message 0075 because the return claims EIC but there is no W-2 present. Generally, except for Household Help income entered on line 7, an EIC return, even if it includes one of the forms listed in the text of error 0075, must be paper filed if it lacks a W-2.

1040 EF Message 0075 states:

Form 1040 - If Earned Income Credit (SEQ 1180) is significant, then at least one of the following must be present for the forms listed below.

Form 1040: Household Help Literal (SEQ 0366) and Household Help Amt (SEQ 0367); Type of Other Income (SEQ 0560) and Amount of Other Income  (SEQ 0570); Form W-2; Form 1099-R; Form 8919; Schedule C; Schedule C-EZ; Schedule E with Part/S-Corp Ind (SEQ 1172, 1210, 1270, 1330)  equal to "P"; Schedule F.

The Notes page explains:

MISSING W-2: Earned Income Credit is present on the return, but there is no W-2 to support the wages entered on the 1040. If this return is e-filed, it will likely be rejected by IRS with error reject code 0075. Review the return for accuracy. If the taxpayer has W-2 wages, a W-2 screen should be keyed in lieu of a direct entry on screen 3.

The comparable MeF rejects are F1040-016, F1040A-021, and F1040EZ-007.

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