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11974: Schedules C, E, F - Special Tax Treatment for SMLLC

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How do I indicate that a Schedule C, E, F, or 4835 is for a Single Member LLC for city or state tax purposes?

You can tie federal information to various state returns by entering an identifying number (1-999) for the LLC in the LLC# box on the C, E, F, or 4835 screen, as applicable. For example, on the first LLC for this return, enter a 1 in the LLC# box.

The LLC# entry field has been moved to the Carryovers/State Info tab on the C, F, and 4835 screens starting in Drake19. 

This selection is used for various state returns that recognize a SMLLC selection including:

  • California Form 568 (individual return and partnership package)
  • Kentucky Form 725
  • Philadelphia forms including the NPT and BIRT
  • Tennessee form TN FAE 170
  • Texas Franchise Report

In Drake15 and prior, choose S from the Special Tax Treatments drop list on the C screen. On the E screen, check the box Property is an SMLLC. On the F screen, check the box Farm is an Single Member LLC. These selections are used for state returns including: 

  • Pennsylvania RCT101, PA Corporate Tax Report
  • California Form 568, Limited Liability Return of Income (individual return and partnership package).

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