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12019: Extracting Data Entry Templates from CWU

CWU Data Entry

CWU: Where do I find the data entry templates that I can use to import information into CWU?

The templates are available at Tools > Spreadsheet Templates. This function extracts blank data entry templates from CWU to a destination folder of your choice. The destination folder can be an existing folder, or you can create a new folder.

It is a good idea to setup and use three different folders for the templates:

  • a folder for saving blank templates: this can be the destination folder for the blank templates that you extract from CWU
  • a work folder, where you save copies of those spreadsheets into which you have entered data to import into CWU, and
  • an archive folder, where you save templates that have already been imported.

Keeping blank, partially completed, and previously imported templates in separate folders will reduce confusion and prevent data from being overwritten. Another advantage is that your blank templates remain available, so that you do not have to extract them again from CWU.

Extract the templates to a destination folder.

Within the CWU program, go to Tools > Spreadsheet Templates.

  1. Indicate the Destination Folder and path by clicking the Browse button. Set the Destination Folder path to a folder, not a drive. Browse to an existing folder, or click Make New Folder on the browse dialog box. The templates should be saved inside a folder on the same drive where the CWU20YY folder is installed.
  2. When the Destination Folder path has been selected and appears in that field, click Copy All.
  3. You are advised when all templates are copied and a list is displayed.
    1. You cannot select individual templates; all are copied.
    2. Note that both .xls and .xlsx versions of each template are copied to the folder.
  4. Caution: If you already have templates at that location, this function will overwrite them -- a warning will pop up to remind you. If you have entered data in existing templates in the Destination Folder and don’t want to lose the data, move them before extracting templates again to that location.

Confirm that the templates are in the destination folder.

Open the folder containing the templates. There are six templates. CWU extracts 2 copies of each template, one for MS Excel 2003 (*.xls) and another for MS Excel 2007 and later (*.xlsx). Excel 2003 will open only the .xls files, while Excel 2007 and later will open either format. Keep in mind that while the Excel 2003 formats are provided as a courtesy, it is best to Excel 2007 or later (*.xlsx), or update an Excel 2003 file to the 2007 version before importing, as an Excel 2003 spreadsheet may not import successfully.

For a video overview of the tools menu in CWU, including exporting templates, see CWU Tools.


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