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12022: 1040 - Taxpayer Signing Return for Spouse

1040 Individual Data Entry

Can a taxpayer sign a MFJ return for a spouse?

Pub. 17, Your Federal Income Tax, describes when a taxpayer can sign a Married Filing Jointly (MFJ) return for a spouse. In Pub. 17, see "Signing a joint return" in "Filing Status" under "Married Filing Jointly", page 22 :
  • Spouse died before signing (see Related Links below)
  • Injury or disease prevents spouse from signing
  • Taxpayer is guardian of mentally incompetent spouse
  • Spouse is in a combat zone
  • Spouse cannot sign for other reasons

In some cases, a statement is required. For this purpose, use the MISC screen (on the Miscellaneous tab).

  1. At the bottom right, select Taxpayer is signing for the spouse and a statement is required (in the Special Signatures section).
  2. Select the SCH link to create the required explanatory statement. Select 023 – Spouse Signature – Form 1040 from the drop list for Type of attachment/statement number and title.


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