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12041: MICR and Preprinted Check Differences (CWU)

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CWU: What is the difference between MICR and Preprinted checks?

MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) check formats are designed by you (Firm > MICR Check Global Designer) for printing on blank check stock. All of your client files can use any of the MICR designs you create. When you print the check, CWU uses the individual client’s bank information from the client's setup. You determine the payer name/address, payee name/address, bank name/address, amount of check written amount/numeric amount, check date/number, fractional routing number, the period after which the check is void, and bank routing and account number. MICR ink is required for the scanning processes used by financial institutions and must be installed in your printer.

Preprinted check stock is check stock of a specified format ordered from an office supply (CWU is compatible with several Nelco checks) or financial institution. Preprinted check stock has information already imprinted on the check for payer name/address, bank name/address, fractional routing number, void after period, and bank routing and account number. Check number is optional and can be printed by the software. CWU will print the employee name/address, written and dollar amount, check date and number.

Note that CWU does not offer an electronic authorized signature.


Check Information Needed What CWU Prints
on Preprinted Check Stock on Blank MICR Check Stock
(MICR Ink Required)
Payer N Y
Payer Info N Y
Check Number As needed Y
Check Date Y Y
Pay to the Order of field N Y
Payee Name Y Y
Payee Address Y Y
Written Amount Y Y
Dollar Amount Y Y
Bank Name N Y
Bank Info N Y
Fractional Routing Number N Y
Void After N Y
Bank Routing Number N Y
Bank Account Number N Y
Authorized Signature N N  

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