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12048: Importing Data from QuickBooks into Drake Tax Software

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Importing Data from QuickBooks into Drake Tax Software

The information you can import consists of tax information. If data is not necessary for a tax return, it will not be part of the QuickBooks report that you import.

Two steps are needed to import client data from QuickBooks into Drake: export the file from QuickBooks, and import the file into Drake.

Note: Back up Drake files and the QuickBooks files prior to importing client files.

Export the File From QuickBooks

  1. In QuickBooks, open the client from whom you want to export information.
  2. Select the Reports tab; select Accountant & Taxes option; select Income Tax Summary.
  3. Once the report is on the screen, go to the Customize Report tab. Select Advanced.
  4. Under Display Rows, select All. Click OK twice to display the report again.
  5. Select the Print tab above the report.
  6. Under Print To select File.
  7. Ensure the selection says ASCII Text File.
  8. Click Print, and when the print dialog box appears, enter a unique file name, such as ABC Tax Summary.
  9. Save the file, noting the location so that you can browse to it later. The file is normally saved in the following subdirectory: C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks Pro\

Import the File Into Drake

  1. Select Tools > File Maintenance > Import Data and select QuickBooks Financial and Accounting Software.
  2. Click Next and review the instructions for creating a QuickBooks export file.
  3. Click Next and use the Browse button to locate the file to be imported. Refer to steps 8 and 9 above for file name and location.
  4. Select the file to be imported and click OK.
  5. Enter the SSN/EIN for the client. This number will be used in Drake Software to reference the tax return.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Choose Business Type from the drop list.
  8. Click Next. The QuickBooks Import - Step 4 dialog box appears.
  9. Review the information on the dialog box.
  10. Click Back to correct any information or Finish to begin the import process. The import process should occur quickly. When done the Data Entry screen opens.

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