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12063: 1040 - Disaster Designation Field

1040 Individual Data Entry

Where can I indicate that a return is subject to disaster guidelines?

​Disaster Designation​ section is available on the MISC screen. Enter the federally declared disaster designation, including the location of the disaster area, in the box below. This will allow the return to display the disaster on the form as needed to indicate that the return is subject to disaster special rules. The disaster designation field is limited to 75 characters, including spaces. 

In Drake18 and Drake17, some common disasters can be selected from a drop list. The designated name is limited to 50 characters, including spaces. Be sure to enter the type of disaster and location of the disaster area in the lower box. 

In Drake16 and prior, a Disaster designation field is located on the PRNT screen in 1040 returns. An entry in this field will print on state returns that require it. The field accepts up to 22 characters. The literal is also transmitted if the return is electronically filed, but nothing is printed on the federal 1040.

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