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How do I create and use Drake macros?

A macro is an editable key combination that enters predefined data rapidly. You can create new macros and edit them to meet your office’s needs. Macros are useful to enter data that is often required by your office. For example, if many of your local clients use the same bank, you can set up a macro that will enter the bank name every time you press a shortcut key combination.

Setting Up Macros.

To implement macros you will need to go to the Setup Macros dialog box located by going to Setup > Macros. Select the desired Hot Key combination in the list of available hot keys. Press Enter or click Edit to open the Edit Macro screen for your selected hot key. On the Edit Macro screen,

  • Enter the operation symbols desired directly. When it's completed, Save the macro, or Cancel it if desired.
  • Alternatively, click Record and you can enter operation symbols for the actions listed below by using the permanent program hotkeys for them, as well as enter symbols directly:
    • The Enter key or the Tab key inserts the “field forward” (>) operator.
    • Shift+Enter or Shift+Tab inserts the “field back” (<) operator.
    • Alt+D inserts the “date” ([D]) operator.
    • Esc inserts the “escape from screen” (~) operator.
    • Ctrl+N inserts the “heads-down mode” (#) operator.

Click Stop to stop recording. After you stop recording, you can Save or Cancel the macro, or click Record to continue recording. (Record was introduced in Drake12.)

For example, the macro EF>#28>X>#~ would open the EF screen (EF>), toggle heads-down data entry mode to ON (#), go to field 28 (28>), select the box to Suppress Federal/State EF and all Bank Products (X), toggle heads-down mode to OFF (#), and save the data, and escape the EF screen (~). 

Full List of Symbols


Executing Macros.

You can execute an existing macro in a data entry field by using the assigned hot key combination, or by opening a list of macros. (Permanent program macros are not on the list and may be executed only by shortcut keys; for example, Ctrl+V to open View mode).

  • To insert macro data, place the cursor in the field and press the applicable shortcut key (macro) combination.
  • To view available macros, press Ctrl+Shift+M from within a field. The Data Entry - Macros window is opened. To insert macro data from the list in the Data Entry - Macros window, select a macro from the list and click Execute (or double-click the row). The Data Entry - Macros window is closed automatically.

List of Permanent Program Macros

For a list of permanent program shortcut keys, see "Drake Hot Key Shortcut List" in Related Links below.

More information about creating and using macros is in the Drake User's Manual > Installation & Setup > Program Setup > Macros Setup. Note that macros can be updated from the prior year (Last Year > Update Settings 20YY to 20YY).

See Macros for a video tutorial on setting up a macro.

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